100% Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy Coatings Green Valley AZThe flooring in the indoor and outdoor spaces of your home sees a great deal of wear and tear. The indoor flooring sees foot traffic while some of the outdoor areas have to weather climatic changes and vehicular traffic too. This makes it very important to ensure that the flooring material used be strong and long-lasting. We at Sonomascape are the flooring experts that can create stunning flooring installations which are hardy, functional and which will add value to your property.

Over the years, many of our customers in and around Green Valley, Vail, Tucson, Catalina Foothills and Sahuarita have opted for epoxy coatings for indoor and outdoor areas on their property. These are protective coatings made of a specialized 100% epoxy based resin. While these coatings can be used to coat various type of flooring materials, they are particularly useful in coating concrete flooring.

Benefits of Concrete Epoxy Coatings

There are a number of reasons why our customers in Tucson, Amado, Oro Valley, Marana and Benson are also very happy with this floor finish:

  • They are chemical, UV light and heat-resistant- this means the floor can easily be used in garages, commercial and industrial settings as well as outdoor spaces
  • They also resist abrasion
  • Tough and have extremely high dimensional stability- concrete is inherently a very strong material and epoxy adds to its strength
  • Easily applied over existing concrete floor surfaces or can be used as part of a new build project too
  • The epoxy-coated floor can be polished to a high –glossy shine
  • It's available in a range of shades and colors and this provides design flexibility to create the kind of look you want
  • We can incorporate a variety of designs and patterns in the flooring
  • High performance surface that is suitable for indoor and outdoor areas
  • Epoxy garage floorings are easy to maintain since the surface is seamless. They aren’t textured which means they will not accumulate dirt and debris and its why epoxy coated floors are also used in the food, beverage and pharma industries
  • The coatings are slip, heat and fire resistant and they automatically become a very safe surface to work
  • Since they are a high gloss surface, they are ideal for work areas that have fewer less natural light; they increase the brightness levels by 300%

The Epoxy Coating Process Is Done In 4 Phases

Day 1 - Flooring will be washed with acid, neutralized and pressure washed at 4000 psi
Day 2 - The 100% epoxy base coating (pigmented) will be applied
Day 3 - The polyurethane will be pigmented in the color of your choice (flakes can be broadcasted for a unique appearance)
Day 4 - Clear coating of two component polyurethane will be applied

We use the highest grade materials and techniques in our work and focus on providing the best services at the most reasonable epoxy coating cost. For a free estimate, call Sonomascape at 520) 203-8863. We encourage you to visit our showroom at The Green Valley Mall. You can also drop us a line via this email.