Low Voltage Lighting

Low Voltage Lighting Tucson, AZLandscape design includes a number of elements and outdoor lighting is one of them. Since our inception over 15 years ago, we have been at the fore of this field and provided custom solutions to customers across Drexel Heights, Sierra Vista, Tucson, Catalina Foothills and Flowing Wells. We also have a very strong customer base in and around Casas Adobes, Nogales, Oro Valley, Nogales, Mexico and Marana.

While we always prioritize providing high grade solutions, the focus is also on providing more cost-effective and energy-efficient options to our customers. Today, many homeowners make a conscious effort to opt for environment-friendly materials while getting their home designed and built; and they want this concept to be carried through in the outdoor areas of their home.

Types of Low Voltage Lighting Installations

When we design landscapes for our customers, we pay extra attention to providing the right outdoor lighting plans. This includes installation of:

  • Paver lights
  • Lamp posts
  • Boundary lights
  • Garden step lighting
  • Recessed and accent lighting
  • Retaining wall lights
  • Underwater lighting for pools, ponds and waterfalls etc.
  • Floodlighting
  • Security lighting
  • Other

All these fixtures and installations help create a stunning effect on your property and it adds to the security of your home; you are also able to use the outdoor spaces in a more optimal manner. However the one fact you can’t really ignore is that when you have so much of lighting, it also increases your energy bills.

But we have a solution for that too- we can install low voltage outdoor lighting on your property. We take a number of different measures such as adding LED bulbs, low wattage lights, motion sensor lighting etc.

Low Voltage Lighting - The Benefits

There are a number of benefits to opting for low voltage landscape lighting, such as:

  • LED lights of a low wattage are extremely energy efficient, without compromising on the brightness factor. In fact, they are 80% more energy-efficient than incandescent or halogen lights
  • Since they consume less energy, it helps you save on your power bills
  • Low voltage garden lights throw cool light and this result in very low heat distribution. It’s perfect for indoor conditions, but helps maintain a cooler environment outdoors too
  • LED lamps have a lifespan of about 15 years- this makes them low maintenance and cost-effective option for your landscaping.
  • Since these lights are connected to transformers, there is no risk of electrocution and if necessary, you are also able to install the LED bulbs without switching off the power supply.

Contact The Low Voltage Garden Lighting Experts

We are highly focused on providing you high grade solutions and ensure we maintain very low energy-efficient lighting cost in all our projects. Highly skilled and experienced personnel carry out the work in a very meticulous and efficient manner. For any more information, speak with the Sonomascape experts at 520-203-8863. Tell us what your requirements are; we assure you the best solutions at the best pricing.