Sprinklers & Irrigation

Sprinklers & Irrigation Tucson, AZRegardless of whether you have a pocket-sized garden or a spread-out landscape, on your residential property in Casas Adobes, Nogales, Oro Valley, Nogales, Mexico and Marana, you want to ensure that all the plants and trees stay healthy and green. While buying plantings from good nurseries, installing them correctly, and ensuring they are fertilized well is important, it’s equally important that all the softscaping on your property get the right amount of water at the right intervals.

This is where landscape irrigation planning comes into the picture. Sonomascape is one of the leading landscape irrigation companies in this space and over the years, we have handled a significant number of sprinkler installation projects for customers across Drexel Heights, Sierra Vista, Tucson, Catalina Foothills and Flowing Wells too.

We understand that every property is unique and so we provide custom irrigation plans to meet those needs. As a matter of fact, we focus on a number of elements when we are designing automatic sprinkler installation. In most instances, irrigation jobs are a segment of a larger landscaping project. The plumbing and sprinklers are installed in the first phase of any landscaping job.

Types of Irrigation Installations

However, many clients also call us for irrigation installation upgrades and we handle those jobs too. The different types of installations we provide are:

  • Pop-up sprinklers
  • Spray Sprinklers
  • Rotor sprinklers
  • Drip Irrigation pipes
  • Tap timers
  • Porous pipes/ leaky pipes
  • Manifolds and controllers
  • Border sprays and micro fittings
  • Soaker hoses
  • Other

The Irrigation Installation Process

The work process we follow is very detailed; this is how we handle the project:

  • When you call us with your request, our irrigation expert will come over to your location
  • He will check all the areas that have to be irrigated
  • He will also make note of the different types of plantings and trees on your property
  • A detailed soil check will be conducted
  • Understand what your specific requirements are
  • Keep your budget in view
  • Provide you information about the different types of irrigation installations available
  • Understand whether you want manual or automated systems
  • He will then provide you the irrigation plan design and quote
  • Once you approve that, we will then start on the work and complete it within the stipulated time frame

Water Efficient Irrigation Installation

Our irrigation experts have a very strong understanding about the different types of irrigation systems available; however, they also have very deep horticultural knowledge and an understanding about the different soil types.

They use this knowledge to provide you the kind of solutions that will work perfectly for your landscape. We use the latest automated sprinklers with rain sensors. This ensures there is no wastage of water, but that your plants, lawns and trees get the irrigation it needs.

For more information, speak with the Sonomascape experts at 520-203-8863. Tell us what your requirements are. We assure you the best solutions at the best lawn irrigation cost. We are more than happy to provide you an obligation-free quote for the job. Call us with your requirement today.